Adverse Weather Conditions






To provide clear direction to all staff and pupils in the event of severe adverse weather conditions.





In the event of heavy snow overnight:




  • S. Davies will telephone V.S. at 6.45 am and a decision will be made on opening the school for the day.


  • Please telephone or text V.S.  before 7.00 to establish your access to school.


  • If we are unable to open you will be contacted between 8.00 and 8.20am (approx)


  • If staff are unable to get to school staff will be required to complete planning and assessment at home.




  • An announcement will be made on Radio Wales and Red Dragon informing parents by 8.30am if the school has to close for the day.
  • Text message to Parents.
  • BBC website
  • Vale of Glamorgan website


In the event of snow during the day:


  • Information will be gained from Met Office and Vale of Glamorgan Education Office with regard to weather predictions.


  • Should the school need to close the Chair of Governors and LEA will be informed.


  • All parents will be informed via telephone using contact details provided (text / email) and radio announcements.


  • Staff will be sent home as soon as children leave.


Any other adverse weather situation will be dealt with by consultation between the Head teacher, Chair of Governors, and the Local Authority, with the safety of the pupils and staff being the utmost priority.

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