Check in, Catch up and Prepare

Check In, Catch Up and Prepare at Gwenfô Church in Wales Primary School 

This letter details the arrangements that are in place to enable school to reopen to pupils from Monday 29th June for morning sessions only. 

  1. Each class has been split into the four houses Ballas, Greave, Whitehall and Wrinston. These groups have been planned to ensure that siblings attend school on the same day. Due to high numbers of returning children including those in our Hub we are unable to offer any flexibility during the summer term.  
  1. Attendance is capped to a maximum of 68 children per session including those in Hub.  
  1. School sessions will run during the mornings only with staggered start and end times (emails will be sent on Tuesday to confirm times). We currently do not know how school will be organised in September but plan to offer some transition sessions with current class teachers in order for the children to settle back into school before moving up. We will be unable to offer this for any leavers sadly. 

We will be inviting children into school on the following days for the next 3 weeks for a maximum of 3 hours 

Ballas Monday  


Whitehall Thursday  

Wrinston Friday   

You will receive an email with your child’s timings and drop off point. We are unable to publish full groups due to GDPR and will not be able to change any of these groups.  

  1. School will be closed each Wednesday for a deep clean, staff professional learning, preparation of blended learning, ongoing home learning development and support and planning for September. 
  1. The keyworker hub will continue to run Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm and is closed to new applicants. Please do not bring your child to the hub until your application has been approved and you have a confirmation email from Miss Starke. 
  1. Vale of Glamorgan Local Authority policy is that children do not transfer between school classes and the keyworker hub each day. Therefore if you are a keyworker and your child is due to attend their allotted school day, you will need to choose between sending them to the hub (8:30am-4:30pm) or the class (morning only). They cannot attend the morning class sessions and then transfer to the hub. 
  1. Social distancing will need to be maintained at all time when on site. Children will be reminded gently. Signage will act as a reminder for all pupils and staff.  
  1. Children will need to be dropped off and collected at different gates outside the school grounds. No adults will be permitted to enter the grounds or the building without prior appointment. Information about  gates will be contained in the invitation to school email. Please see the map below. 
  1. Pupils who are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend school. School staff reserve the right to contact parents of any child they believe shows symptoms, however mild.  
  1. Pupils in receipt of a shielding letter should follow the advice contained within it. If your child, or a member of your household, is shielding please contact us so we can discuss bespoke support ideas. We would need to see evidence of this for families whom we are not already aware of.  
  1. The school has been subject to a full risk assessment and will have rigorous procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of all persons on site. These risk assessments will be made available for parents on our website.  
  1. It remains your decision as parents/guardians whether you send your child to school during this time. There will be no penalty at all for not attending. Should your child not attend school you will still receive phone calls from school staff to say hello and check in and we would still like all children to access the home learning suggested activities.  
  1. Plans are subject to change and we will do our best to convey any changes in a timely manner. 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for some catch-up, check-in and prepare sessions. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Starke