Child Protection

We believe that all children have the right to be safe in our society and that we must have in place procedures that will help protect them. We believe we provide a safe environment for children to learn in. We support children’s development in ways which will foster a sense of self-esteem and independence. We identify and respond to children in need of support and/or protection.


We acknowledge that children can be harmed physically, emotionally, sexually or by neglect. It is our duty to report any concerns that we have of child abuse as the health, safety and protection of all children is paramount.


We wish to work closely with the School Council and to hear their views and opinions as we acknowledge and support Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that children should be encouraged to form and to express their views.




  • To ensure that all staff are aware of what action to take when dealing with a child protection issue.




Role of the Governing Body


The Governing Body has:


  • appointed a member of staff to be the designated person;
  • appointed a member of staff to be the deputy designated person;
  • nominated a governor to be responsible for child protection and to visit the school regularly, to liaise with the designated person and to report back to the Governing Body;
  • the responsibility of annually reviewing all child protection procedures and policies;
  • the responsibility of receiving regular reports from the designated person via the Headteacher’s report to the Governing Body;
  • responsibility for the effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of this policy




Role of the Headteacher


The Headteacher will:


  • ensure that child protection procedures are in place and that all staff are aware of them;
  • ensure that all new staff are CRB checked;
  • ensure that all new staff undertake training in child protection procedures;
  • regularly report to the Governing Body and keep them updated;
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this policy


Role of Designated Person


The designated person will: V. Simpson


  • be trained in child protection policy procedures;
  • be trained in working with all agencies;
  • familiarise school personnel with the policy and procedures;
  • make child protection referrals;
  • co-ordinate action within the school;
  • liaise with social care and other agencies;
  • act as a source of advice within the school;
  • organise appropriate training for school personnel and the GB;
  • ensure all incidents are recorded, reported and kept confidential;
  • keep all paperwork up to date;
  • report back to the appropriate school personnel when necessary


The deputy designated person is W. Gordon.


Role of School Personnel


School personnel must:


  • be fully aware of the child protection policy and procedures;
  • undertake appropriate training in:


  • child protection issues
  • restraint training
  • recognising signs of abuse
  • handling disclosures


  • report any concerns to the designated person;
  • be alert at all times to the signs of abuse;
  • ensure that they conduct themselves correctly at all times


Partnerships with Parents


The designated person:


  • will ensure that parents are aware of this policy;
  • when making a referral will share all information with parents unless it places the child at risk


Reporting Concerns


  • If a member of the school personnel suspects that a child may be a victim of abuse then they must:


  • record accurately and factually what the child has said in note form;
  • submit a completed critical incident sheet to the designated person;


  • The designated person will then:


  • further investigate and keep records of this investigation;
  • decide whether to take this referral further or to monitor the situation;
  • inform the person making the initial referral of his/her decision;
  • prepare in readiness for a case conference/core group meeting the following information on the child:


–          attendance and punctuality data

–          academic achievement

–          child’s behaviour and attitude

–          relationships and social skills

–          appearance and presentation

–          any known incidents in or outside school

–          school contact with parents/carers


Confidentiality & Security of Information


  • It is imperative that confidentiality is observed at all times as the protection of the child is paramount.


  • School personnel must not promise confidentiality to any child but the child must be aware that only those who need to know will be informed.


  • The designated person must ensure that all information regarding child protection issues must be kept in a secure place.


Monitoring the Effectiveness of the Policy


Annually the effectiveness of this policy will be reviewed, or when the need arises, and the necessary recommendations for improvement will be made to the governors.

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