We are the Criw Cymraeg in Gwenfo. We support and encourage using more Welsh in our school. We strive to make all the pupils bilingual and use the Welsh language at school every day. We have been trying our best to complete all the targets for the Cymraeg Campus Bronze award and we have completed 45 of 92 so far. Some of the targets include promoting Welsh books, staff using incidental Welsh while teaching and simple Welsh displays in each classroom. We have already hosted a whole school event called Seren a Sbarc day, where all pupils dressed in the colours of the Welsh flag and did Welsh related activities. We’ve set up a phrase of the week interactive display where the pupils can write their own answers to the phrases and we have made sure our school has bilingual signs. We will continue to work on our targets to achieve the award for our school! 

Diolch am eich help – thanks for your help! 

The Criw Cymraeg