Drop off and Pick up information

You will enter via the field gate and will walk along the right in front of the timber trail, around the cones collecting your child/ren as you pass each classroom. We will direct you up past the chicken house and gardens and out via the front playground and then the front gate. We hope this will allow families to use the limited pavements we have and to socially distance to give each other space and keep the flow of people moving.

 *Stop when asked to allow us to control numbers on site.
 *Follow the path correctly around the school – don’t cut corners!
 *Do not stop to chat to each other or staff.
 *Keep your child/ren close to you.
 *Keep a social distance from others as best you can.
 *Collect Nursery children first.
 *Only Nursery parents to use the Nursery gate near the car park.

Should there be a gathering of parents in an area please collect your child as quickly as you can,
encourage them to carry their own bags and be mindful of the presence of others round you.
Y5/6 children –
* Those who have permission to leave school alone and have no siblings will continue to leave
first via the front gate. *
* Remaining Y5/6 children can be collected from the cloakroom doors on the front
playground. Parents will need to enter school via the field gate and follow the one way
system. *