Hwb+ Digital Learning Platform


The Welsh Government is in the process of rolling out a new learning platform across Wales.  This new platform is called Hwb+.  A learning platform is a collection of online tools and services that can facilitate digital learning.

Hwb+ provides a ‘walled garden’ style online learning area.  This means that only logged in, authenticated users will be able to view the work on the site.  Each user will be able to access the elements of the site that is relevant to them.  There will be tools for organizing work including document, pictures and video libraries and tools for collaboration, including surveys, discussions, wikis and blogs.  The site will be closely monitored and is able to track all user interaction – date and time stamping events against user.

Hwb+ is a centrally funded learning platform offered to all schools and FE Colleges in Wales.  At Gwenfô we are lucky enough to be amongst one of the early schools having access to Hwb+.  Hwb+ has currently been rolled out into year 2, 5 and 6.

We look forward to keeping you updated with developments and hopefully receiving your feedback and thoughts too.