Prayer Page

Dear Lord Jesus,

As we begin a new school day, help us to grow and learn in a Christian way.


St Mary's Visit

Please use the comment box below to write your own prayers.


11 thoughts on “Prayer Page

  1. Year 1 wrote their own prayer of remembrance
    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for all the things you do for us.
    Thank you for the soldiers, animals and people who help this country.
    Thank you for our friends.
    Please look after us.

  2. TSP Poem by Lilly Year 5

    Thank you God for your creation,
    We all appreciate all of the things you have made,
    Sorry that sometime we do things that can hurt you,
    and that affects the land and your creation.
    Please help us to be kind and gentle to your world and appreciate all that you have done.


  3. Dear God,

    Thank you for creating our lovely world and letting us live in it we promise we will look after our world.
    Sorry we sometimes fall out with friends and we sometime litter and don’t look after what you have created for us.
    Please help us to get along with our friends, and not to litter and look after the creation you made.


  4. Acrostic Poem – Poppy by Abi Year 2

    People in war fight and die,
    Othes lie in war and sometimes gets away with it,
    Poppies grow where the people have died.
    Poppies are special to lots of people.
    Yeah shout the winners.

    Abi has written this acrostic poem about poppies.

  5. Thank you God for such a wonderful world and thank you for lovely friends.
    Sorry that sometimes I’ve been in the wrong.
    Please help me to always be kind and caring and thoughtful.

    By Gaby M Year 5

  6. Loving God,

    Please help me to encourage people, to do the right thing and not give up even if they think they can not do it. Please help me to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I have no courage to do at all. Thank you for my loving family and all my friends.

    Ruby (Blwyddyn 5)

  7. Thank you for giving me lots of courage to go onto the New Theatre stage and perform in eight shows.
    Sorry for sometimes not being courageous and not over coming my fears.
    Please give me lots of courage when somethings are hard.
    Abbie (Blwyddyn 5)

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